Finish Line Youth Foundation

The Finish Line Youth Foundation (FLYF) strives to make a difference in the lives of youth in the  communities where employees and customers live, work and play.  The Finish Line Foundation supports organizations, throughout the country, whose goal is to assist youth through programs focusing  on living a healthy lifestyle, building confidence and leadership skills, and teaching the importance of teamwork.  FLYF supports qualified, non-profit organizations that provide community based access to athletics for kids under the age of 18, as well as camps that give kids the chance to be active, especially camps that provide services to kids who are disadvantaged or disabled. The most recent grant was awarded to help fund improvements to the TSB gym, for increased safety and accessibility in mobility, fitness and athletic team programs.

Please visit the FLYF website to read news of their Fundraisers & impressive history of grants.



Lef to right: Pat Galvin, Secretary of Friends of TSB; Ralph Brewer, President of Friends of TSB., Donald Goode, District Manager, FLYF; Jon Brooks, General Manager, FLYF, Murfreesboro; and, Bert Martin, General Manager, FLYF

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