Music Therapy Room

This recently completed project was selected to improve the lives of students who are deaf-blind, blind, or have multiple disabilities by providing funds to update the condition and technology of the “Music Therapy Room”.


The TSB  Music Therapy  Room is used by students  from 4 to 22 years of age, with music as a tool to help them develop skills, or achieve benefits, with the unique  technology of the room’s music floor structure.


With valuable, constant use of the Music Therapy Room through the years, the equipment had become worn and out-dated, limiting students in their use of  advances in therapy. With the Project’s funding installation of new resonating flooring and updated technology, current and future students can again have positive and advanced therapy results, and, in long-term TSB Education Goals, the students are being prepared to live  their life to fullest potential as adults. Our thanks to the many donors who made this project possible!


TSB students experience the resonating vibrations of the floor in sync with the music.

Lorraine and Alan Abrams Student Fund

Lorraine and Alan Abrams are longtime friends of the students at the Tennessee School for the Blind.  For many years they have provided substantial funding to purchase Christmas presents, buy clothing and medicine, provide enrichment activities, and have always been willing to come to the aid of students in need. Lorraine and Alan Abrams have touched the lives of hundreds of TSB students and we are very appreciative of their recent gift.



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