Lions of Tennessee

In 1925 at the Lions International Convention in Cedar Point, Ohio, Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become "Knights of the Blind."  Since that time, no other group has been better friends to individuals who are blind.  This is especially true of the Lions of Tennessee.  In 1959, TSB became the first Multiple District project of Lions of Tennessee.  Today, contributions from Tennessee Lions sponsors five major programs at TSB: (a) The Christmas Gift Program; (b) The Student Work Program; (c) The Boy & Girl Scout Programs; (d) The Low Vision Assistance Program; and, (e) The Summer Enrichment Program.


When Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind, Inc., was begun in 1997, The Donelson Lions Club made the first significant donation to the foundation by donating the proceeds from the sale of their clubhouse.  Lions of Tennessee truly are "Special Friends" to the children at the Tennessee School for the Blind.   For information about Tennessee Lions, visit their website.

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