Phase One - Bring Back Bowling to TSB

You may know that Tennessee School for the Blind students have achieved excellence in the areas of music, swimming, wrestling, golf, track, and even art. Did you also you know that TSB once had State Champion bowlers? The bowling alley at TSB, consisting of two lanes, was built over 60 years ago. It was a great source of recreation, achievement, and learning for many students. Ask TSB alumni about their memories of the early bowling alley and you will hear some great stories of fun and rivalry!


The old, original, manually operated pinsetters were replaced in the mid 1970’s with used electric pinsetters donated by a bowling alley. Over the years it has been refurbished multiple times.  Eventually, parts became outdated and the lanes were unusable.

At a meeting in February, 2012, the Board of Directors voted to undertake a project to return the 60 year old bowling alley to full use.   The renovation included replacing all of the working parts including the pinsetters, ball returns, bumper system, foul detectors, masking, coverboards, and capping.  New shoes and bowling balls were also included. The cost for the project was $62,000 and required a multi-year endeavor to raise the funds.  When presenting the proposal to Friends for consideration, Dr. Martin Monson, TSB Superintendent, stated, "The use of the bowling alley meshes seamlessly with our working mission of preparing students to be 'contributing, participating members of society'."


Renovation of the alley was completed just prior to the start of the 2012 school year.

Thanks to many generous donors, funding for Phase One of "Bring Back Bowing to TSB" was completed ahead of schedule in the summer of 2013. Students and teachers are elated to once again have the opportunity to bowl at TSB.


In late 2013, board members voted to fund Phase Two of the bowling alley project, which would make the alley accessible to TSB students utilizing wheelchairs and with other mobility challenges.




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