Phase Two - Bring Back Bowling to TSB

In the fall of 2013, board members voted to fund Phase Two of the bowling alley project, which would make the alley accessible to many TSB students utilizing wheelchairs and walkers. Renovation plans were drawn up by an architect to create easy access and ensure safety codes are met while maintaining the the look and history of the lanes. In October of 2014 the renovated alley was reopened for student use. We would like to express our appreciation to our Friends at PARKS, the Murfreesboro Breakfast Rotary Club and many additional supporters who worked to fund this multi-year endeavor. The children of TSB are very fortunate to have this remarkable facility. We appreciate your support!

Construction phase

Architects meet with Friends committee to discuss the plans.

Concrete floor complete with new door and window being framed.

Easy access to the shoes and balls for all students.

Completion of door and window.

Vintage seating will get a fresh coat of paint and new position.

Ramp installed and ready for flooring.

Newly renovated space

Vintage seating reinstalled.

All steps within the space were eliminated. All flooring is on one level now for easy accessibility to students with wheelchairs and other mobility challenges.

New ramp for the entry.

Open space floor plan and seating.

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