The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee supervised more than 1,050 charitable funds, providing customized, philanthropic solutions, with flexibility for donors, non-profit organizations, and the community, in the past 23 years. The Community Foundation has distributed $715 Million to community programs and institutions.


In December, 2010, the Tomorrow Fund, of the Community Foundation of Middle TN., responded to a grant request from Friends of TSB, to provide help with costs of specialized exercise equipment, for developing muscle strength, coordination, physical fitness, weight control, and for positive experiences leading to a healthy lifestyle as adults.


Discretionary Grants are awarded annually from the unrestricted, and field-of-interest funds, to Middle TN non-profit organizations, addressing community needs and benefiting the well-being of citizens.


It was a recent donation from a “Community Foundation Discretionary Grant”, awarded to Friends of TSB in November, 2014, that helped finance construction and upgrades, so that TSB students, who are blind, multi-challenged, or with wheel chairs, walkers, or orthopedic needs, can all have accessibility to the many benefits of TSB on-site bowling.

In 2015, the Chet Atkins Music Education Fund and the Discretionary Grant Fund for Disadvantaged Youth granted Friends of TSB funds for the "Music Therapy Project". The purpose of this project is to improve the lives of students  who are  deaf-blind, blind, or have multiple disabilities by providing funds to update the  condition and technology of the Music Therapy Room.


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